Nutrition Hang in There Sweetheart

Of the last four loads that were left in a heap on the bed, I folded and hung only my clothes. Each time he’s asked, “did you only fold your clothes?” I’ve responded yes with the explanation that I don’t wear his clothes, so I’m not responsible for putting them away. Tonight he had a very loud blowout over it. Ranting about how we’re supposed to be a team, he does my laundry, a bunch of random crap about how he’s not perfect, how he’s let it slide when I’ve challenged him, there’s only one steering wheel in a car, blah, blah blah… fitnessAll accompanied with arm flinging gestures and escalating volume. Then he throws out, “so this is how it’s going to be now? You’re going to take care of yourself with Spews-Venus Factor, and I’m going to take care of myself like we’re roommates?” “I can throw back at you the same thing that you told me; I was independent before I met you, I’ll be independent when your gone.” To set the record straight, I did say that after he tried to bully me into going along with some BS that he wanted me to fall in line with.

I have this nasty habit of not backing down when someone tries to push me around, bully me or put me in my place without cause. I sat in the chair while he was losing his mind and thought to myself that this relationship isn’t going to last long. Once he finally got back to his question, “is the how it’s going to be,” he demanded an answer from me. I simply told him that it’s not my responsibility to fold and put his clothes away. I thought he was going to explode. More ranting about steering wheels in cars, etc…

Got back to asking almost the same darned question, again. I can only surmise that he thought that if he huffed and puffed, roared, thumped his chest, and generally made an ass of himself that I would change my answer. “I asked you a question. You need to answer me.” (Gauntlet threw, challenge accepted and he’s not going to like it.) I looked directly at him and said, “I already answered you…” His MO is to interrupt me, a lot, so I said, “let me finish, please. You didn’t like my answer, and now you’re trying to bully me into saying what you want to hear. I wear my clothing, therefore, I take responsibility for my clothing. I do not wear your clothing. I will not be held responsible for folding and putting it away.”

This isn’t about folding laundry. It’s about respect and taking me for granted. I cook the meals, buy the groceries, buy his dogs’ food as well as my dogs’ food, wash the dishes, keep the kitchen and main bathroom clean, make the bed, tidy up and dust. I’ve bought all of the home improvement items and paid to have them installed by a professional. I bought the outdoor plants that he wanted along with the soil and accessories, the cement bird bath, propane for the grill, and the furniture covers for the new Lazy-boy couch and chair. He’s not supporting me, and we don’t have an agreement abut me being the house keeper.

I think I want to move back into my place. Right now I have tenants with a one-year lease living in my condo. I don’t think that I want to deal with this for another ten months. I just might look for a place to rent and be done with the drama.

There’s a basic formula on ways to lose weight. Eat the proper foods and burn more calories than you’ve eaten. And to burn those calories you might want to preserve moving and that suggests doing some sort of physical exercise. But what do you do if don’t like exercise? Does it mean that you are going to in no way lose those unwanted pounds? Right here are 5 tips to allow you to shed weight in the event you hate exercising?

Nutrition Hang in There Sweetheart